Education Consulting

Boutique is an education consultancy that specializes in editing and enhancing the admissions application essay, as well as other education services. Founded by Juli Min, Harvard and Andover alumna.

Feel free to request the contact information of former Boutique clients to learn more. Many students and parents are available as references. Names have been removed here to honor client privacy on the web.


Student Testimonials: 

"Juli is absolutely fantastic. As a tutor, Juli is patient and inspiring, and she has a great sense of what is good in an essay. As a writer, Juli has so many great ideas and she knows how to integrate these ideas in a logical and smooth way. It took her only an afternoon to help me finish an essay that has been "torturing" me for days."

- Business school applicant in Shanghai, China

"It was an absolute pleasure and privilege working through apps together with Juli. Her strong grasp of and experience in the college admissions process, along with her intuitive talent as a sharp and detailed writer (she broke the apps down to every word!), made Juli the perfect mentor to work with. The best part about Juli was that she was professional and personal - she put the time in to get to know me to make sure the work produced was the best, genuine presentation of me. (We still go out for the occasional coffee break!)"

- Columbia University undergraduate

"Juli has a legitimate understanding of what colleges are looking for. She also has a talent in understanding what students can put on their plate as a strong asset for consideration, and takes that potential to its fullest. I personally had the opportunity to work with her and understand what I needed to convey as a potential candidate for each individual school I was applying to. Her personal touch to my generic application essays made the world's difference, and to this day I am able to utilize her services to its fullest. Juli made it possible for me to graduate at my school of choice and pursue my personal and professional ambitions." 

- Duke University graduate

I remember my first meeting with Juli. She started out by asking about me--not just test scores and extracurricular activities, but about who I am. With her understanding of me, Juli helped me weave what sources I had into a convincing story. I was accepted to the school of my choice, which was all I could ask for from college consulting.

- Cornell University undergraduate

"When I reflect on my past and reminisce about my most memorable mentors, the truly great ones that elicit from me that innocent and genuine smile, I remember Juli. To say she was the most spectacular and impressive teacher I had the privilege to learn from is an understatement. She guides, she cares, and she betters you. When judging her pure skill, I still haven’t met someone with as much technical and adaptable craft. She seemed to conjure from me ideas I never even knew I possessed. Whatever your style, whether it be humorous or sentimental, Juli has the ability to mature and expand your skillset. She will completely accommodate to your schedule, whether that be driving an hour through a blizzard or skyping you at 3AM. She will deliver. She only asks that you show the same ambition. More than three years later, I still benefit from her teachings. Before I had met Juli, writing was a true weakness of mine. Through her guidance, writing has become a source of joy and expression. It has developed into a basis of confidence I needed to succeed well into college itself."

- NYU Stern undergraduate


School Administrator Testimonials: 

"Students who've worked with Ms. Min have raved about her uncanny ability to draw out the best version of their writing without losing their unique voice."

-School administrator at a high school where Juli was a consulting editor for two years