Education Consulting

Boutique is an education consultancy that specializes in editing and enhancing the admissions application essay, as well as other education services. Founded by Juli Min, Harvard and Andover alumna.

Boutique Education: How I Work

My goal is to help essay writers analyze personal experience and transform it into compelling narrative. 

That being said, how does it happen? Below is an outline of what I do (and also what I don't do) to help writers on their quest to produce the best essays they can.

1. Preliminary Call. You've heard about me, usually through a reference. Once you reach out, we will arrange a time to talk and discuss your situation, your needs, my services, your preferred method of communication, and my fees. This conversation is usually 1 hour long, either with a parent or with the writer. There is no charge for this first conversation.

2. Brainstorm. If you have no idea what to write your essay about, we discuss possible topics by having brainstorm sessions about your interests, experiences, activities, hobbies, etc. All brainstorming notes and subsequent writings are saved on shared electronic documents.

3. Structure. Once several topics are selected, we discuss possible structures for the flow and organization of essays. 

4. Writing. The writer will produce a first draft. Once the draft is submitted, the next session can be scheduled.

5. Comments (Written Comments Only). I will make detailed comments and notes via the shared electronic document. My comments could include:

  • suggestions for improving overall structure and flow
  • suggestions for thematic improvement & impact
  • suggestions on how to improve style (e.g. humor, tone)
  • ideas for adding or removing or moving elements
  • pointing out where phrasing and wording could be stronger
  • highlighting grammar errors
  • noting inconsistencies and confusing sections 

Note that my comments will suggest the type of thematic, structural, stylistic, or grammatical change that could be made for improvement, but I will never offer written content to be used in the essay itself. I will advise on the essay; the writer must write every word.

6.  Comments (Video/In Person). I will meet with the writer either via video or in person and discuss the above improvements, typing out notes throughout the session. During this session, the writer may begin to work on changes or ask any questions about direction.  

7. Repeat. Until the writer is satisfied with the product, we repeat steps 4, 5, 6. Sometimes, if there is a change of heart about essay topic, we may return to step 2.