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Boutique is an education consultancy that specializes in editing and enhancing the admissions application essay, as well as other education services. Founded by Juli Min, Harvard and Andover alumna.

New Year's Resolutions - 2016

2015 has been a roller coaster of a year. A change in jobs, a transcontinental move, a deep dive into my fledgling writing career, and of course, getting engaged. Whew!

2016 holds more of the unexpected, and I'm looking forward to the chance to start afresh, to improve myself and my relationships, to work my butt off, and to approach each day with positivity and love. OK! Enough of my sentimental babble. When it comes to my education consulting work, I have a few specific goals in mind for this year:

  1. Standardize my services more and create a Boutique Education charter, of sorts. My services have been very customized up until now, and that's definitely necessary at certain points, but at the same time can create confusion, stress, and most unfortunately, unfairness. So, what are my standards, philosophies, rules as a consultant? It's time I wrote them down, for myself and all my clients to see. 
  2. Starting the second half of the year, it's likely I'll be full-time in Asia. My second goal is to learn more about the local education environment and connect with other professionals who are doing similar work. 
  3. I never want to stop learning about my field. In 2016, I will be reading four books related to education (not just admissions) and blogging here about my reactions and insights.

Thanks so much for reading along, and I hope this blog will continue to bring you more tips and information about the work that I do. That being said, my next post will tackle goal #1, as I write down my charter and share it with you all. Happy new year!