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Social Media

You know I'm already an old hag by the way I'll talk about social media. I'm not far from those people who call Facebook "THE FACEBOOK." 

I didn't grow up with SMS. FB came out when I was in college, thank god, so I didn't have the distractions young people have today. On top of that, you have Facebook for photos (Instagram) and Facebook for naughty photos (Snapchat), and who knows what else. For my generation, everything is a reference to the original. 

If I could raise kids without FB (and other facebooks) without them hating me for life, I might try to do so. It's like growing up in a big city within a big city within a city. Crowded, noisy, polluted, competitive. But alas, the world it what it is. Not so dissimilar to college admissions. 

And now I've found out that colleges are using SMS to determine whether you're likely to attend and stay at their college. So beware - on all your facebooks and all your feeds and all your messages - try to keep the college talk out of it. You never know who is going to sell the data and help someone use it for or against you.