Education Consulting

Boutique is an education consultancy that specializes in editing and enhancing the admissions application essay, as well as other education services. Founded by Juli Min, Harvard and Andover alumna.

Back to School

Summer has come and gone, and I've had the pleasure of working with several really great students on their writing. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm super excited about their work so far. As we transition back into the school year and back into the rhythm of busy days and deadlines, best of luck to everyone preparing their applications! Take it one step at a time, and most of all: don't procrastinate.

One way that I've found works well is to complete one school one after another, in order of priority. This will help the stress of deadlines melt away over the course of the coming months. As you finish your essays, also put them away for a week or so before reading them again or giving them to peers, parents, or teachers for comments. When essays are just freshly written, just after spending a lot of time creating the work, it can be hard to hear feedback. When you've been able to gain some distance from the piece, you'll be more able to be open to constructive criticism. 

Schedule a few hours every week or weekend for writing and working on the essay. Work slowly but consistently.