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China Lecture Tour - Spring '16

This winter things have been a little slow on the blog because I've been getting married in New York and away traveling on my honeymoon. :) Huge life changes, and I'm really excited for this next stage of my personal life. 

I've returned to Shanghai now, and in addition to preparing for a Chinese wedding in early April with my new Chinese in-laws and extended family, I'm happy to announce that I'm starting some work in the education consulting sphere on this side of the Pacific. 

I've partnered with one of the largest education consulting companies in Asia to prepare a speaking tour through eight cities next month, after the wedding. I'll be going from Beijing to Guangzhou lecturing on the value of a humanities education. If you're in China mid to late April, and you're interested in hearing my talk, please send me a message and I'll give you more information. I'll also post more details as the dates approach. 

What I'm looking forward to most is the opportunity to get out on the ground, so to speak, and meet and talk with students and parents from many of China's biggest and diverse cities. It's a great chance to learn about the questions, concerns, and issues Chinese families are facing today when thinking about education both abroad and at home.

See you out there!

Landed in Shanghai

After a dramatic month of transition from New York to China, I am happy to announce that I have arrived safely and soundly in Shanghai. This past month has been a huge change for me, and I'll list the main events briefly here. Please bear with my update post. More on education (in China and otherwise) coming your way soon. 

* My New York life is packed up and I have moved to Shanghai, China. This is for personal and professional reasons, and I will be here for at least a handful of months. 

* I have signed with a great literary agent in NY to work on the book I've been writing, which is a coming of age memoir about, in short, Korean culture, KPop, education, and family. 

* Currently I am studying Chinese intensively.

* The work I do related to education consulting will proceed, as I work both remotely and in-person with clients. I have been meeting with education professionals in China and will continue to learn more about the education culture in this city and country before deciding what my next career step will look like.

* I've spent the past couple of weeks writing and traveling in Yunnan province, a great break after the crazy logistics of packing and moving away. 

Now back to the regularly scheduled program. :)